Published on Saturday, May 19th, 2007 at 5:25 pm

Just a few short notes to remind myself and anyone else how I got faxing working on vista.

Firstly you must have Vista Business or Ultimate edition as they are the only Vista editions that ship with Windows Fax & Scan.

To configure Outlook to treat emails with the recipient format as [FAX:0123123] as faxes correctly, it must first be configured to use Fax Mail Transport. 

To do this first make sure you run outlook as an administrator, to do this use explorer to navigate to "/Program files/Microsoft Office/Office12", right click the Outlook application and select "Run As Administrator".  If you don't do this you will get errors when trying to add the fax mail transport.

Next when Outlook is loaded, Click Tools | Account Settings | Email tab – New… | Select Other – and highlight Fax Mail Transport and click Next.  You should be prompted to restart outlook and that should be it.

To test, fire up Outlook again (the usual way – not as administrator) , create a new email and address it to [FAX:000] and click send.  Once its sending you should see Windows Fax & Scan pop up and attempt to process it.

You will then also be able to send faxes via MAPI.

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