Published on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 at 10:21 am

Recently I’ve noticed quite a few new spam messages making through my mail server into my mailbox so time to update Spam Assassin and let it know what its missing:

1. I have a seperate mailbox I access explicitly for the purpose of holding Spam, so when my personal junk email folders have a significant amount of real spam in which dont have the ***SPAM*** mark, I move them over to the Spam mailbox.

2. Logging into my mail server as root, I can then proceed to the mailbox store, and inform spamassassin that everything in there should be treat as spam.   It’s always a good idea to double check the mail though !

3. Command I use to inform SpamAssassin is the sa-learn command :

 sa-learn –spam –progress <path-to-spam-mailbox>

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