Published on Friday, February 16th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

Right now, my stress levels are up, i’m pretty agitated and could easily have ended up answering to the police if by any chance I had in my possession a firearm of sorts…

Returning now from dinner with my wife, I was driving my wifes very small Daewoo Matiz.

It’s small, in fact it’s tiny.

BUT that is no need for people to automatically assume that the driver of the car is some frail old lady who will happily slow right down and pull over onto the nearest place to let whomever it is driving up their rear end overtake or undertake to complete what seems to be a mission to prevent imminent Armageddon !

Within the distance of 2 miles along dual carriageways, I was turning right around a roundabout and on the opposite side to my entry was a transit van who was coming fast and REALLY wanted to avoid coming to a full stop at all costs, so they just kept coming and must have missed my rear end by a fraction before overtaking and flying past.

2 minutes later we were taking the slip road off a dual carriageway onto a roundabout, again to turn right, to have someone right up my ass on the slipway, On the roundabout, even though I was indicating they decided they MUST be in front of the small insignificant Daewoo so undertook me right before my exit. That kind of driving makes me sick, and not wanting to sound old, but is indeed why their are so many accidents. And that is why I would have loved to do something put the asshole back in their place.. If not a weapon to fire into the air, then at least some blue flashing lights to put on the roof in time of need, although how convincing would a Matiz be at being an undercover cop. Hmmm

What makes my blood boil is the fact I have never encountered these idiots on the road when I’ve been driving my past vehicles, BMW, Pajero, Vectra and others all much large that the Matiz so it leads me to think that people have a general view that they see the small car and immediately assume the driver will see them behind and kindly pull over to let them past..


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One Response to “The insignificance of small cars.”

  1. Dude you just experienced a teaser of egyptian-like driving ,maybe some day you will be unlucky enough to drive in egypt and I swear you will be kissing the ground when you back home (and maybe other drivers too), Just to leave a little story regarding driving caios in here , my little previous car was hit and run by a bigger 4×4 and the blind f*** didn’t even feel it cause it was bumby road (railway crossing) I chased him and hit his side pushing him over the pavement (I was going to do budy fix the next day …. crazy evil laugh….), the poor driver was shocked and trapped in his car as i hit his door, finally he got out trying to figure out why I was shouting( evil arabic words like what you hear in Jazeera) , just since I noticed his shocked wife sitting in the driver seat carrying a little baby and scary look poping out of their eyes, just then I decided to let him go saying its all yr fault dont do that again,( hah the poor guy still doesn’t know what he did….. same evil laugh but louder …) , SO back to UK i feel asleep every time i’m in a car in your action free roads, some statistics , for each 1 fatal accident in UK there are 500 in Egy taking in mind that the road network in the UK is 500 time as in Egypt that make it 250,000 times more dangerous to drive here. voila , go out and start kissing fellow nice Brits drivers

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